We understand that both of the above solutions are not for everyone and some people like to have something of their own, therefore within our skillset we can also offer Mobile Web & App Development. We can develop mobile web and apps to each of our customer’s specifications; this could include website development with mobile compatibility and/or Apple and Android apps or we can just solely develop e-commerce apps. We can develop these using several different technologies, this can include B2C e-commerce sites including the following:- Bespoke development to suit each brand, all of your products on a dedicated sole branded solution including descriptions and pictures, stock management so you can input all of your stock that is available on to the solution. Back end system for admin/ team to be able to manage and gain useful insights using our impressive and informative reporting system. Direct notifications via email, text message, WhatsApp all directly to your phone, mobile device or computer (all of which must have internet connection) Communicate more freely with you customers with in app messaging, Push notifications, so that you can send out important messages to your client base (customer has to agree to accept the notifications upon download) Payment gateways so that you can receive payment for your products, Offer options to click and collect or to post items out to the customer.