FIN Tech


The product to assist banks, reduce the regulatory burden associated with compiling reports from core banking applications including T24 ESH has developed a simple and cost-effective software solution. The tool will enable you to generate a specific regulatory report from T24 or any other Core Banking applications efficiently. It will reduce the IT dependency and introduce stream-lined ways of working. With an interactive dashboard the users will be able to see the report availability after overnight batch processing, payment totals, quarterly payments trend and much more. The tool will facilitate the reconciliation process - branch wise, by payment types (BACS, CHAPS, SWIFT, SEPA, Internal) and country wise.


ESH Solutions’ Environment Management tool enables automation of database backup and refresh. Our tool is compatible with all the major databases available in the market. The tool provides the flexibility to do either an instant or scheduled backup / refresh activity by environment types. What more? The tool also has the capability to perform data masking in test environments thereby ensuring no client confidential information is available to the colleagues working from home or offshore locations away from the secured Data Centre's.

E Verifications

ESH Solutions have completed local market research, which concluded that there is a gap within the market of verification of documents &credit checks

  • Verified documents that are to be submitted to any company are becoming a basic requirement
  • Any payment solution which needs to sponsor or fund a customer are required to go through a document verification process of the customer & complete credit checks
  • We plan to build a solution in which the business can do both single and bulk checks
  • Individuals will be able to create a profile, perform credit ratings and store the history

Unlimited Support

Our in-house support team and online help system provides you with support throughout the process, giving you peace of mind that help is available.