ESH Solutions are at the centre of technology, are fully committed to helping our retail sector and community to keep pace and thriving moving forwards. We have a number of solutions and services to help businesses within the sector from start-up’s to well established companies, we cater for all, If there is something you are looking for that is not listed please get in touch with us as we are sure that we would still be able to assist.


On BuySell you are able to buy and sell items that are no longer required, we also have a number of registered merchants predominantly in the motor trade but we are open to all sectors. We have coupled this with the option for businesses to be able to list limited time or quantity deals on our deals page and place banner advertising We felt that during the pandemic people were having to look at so many different platforms for items, that there was a gap in the market for a site that gave you everything on one platform. We decided to create our BuySell platform with accompanying Apps would be a good fit for the Channel Islands. We thought that a platform where there was good quality second hand items for sale from both businesses and the general public coupled with great deals from local businesses would be a great attraction to the community. We also felt that using BuySell we could try and help the local businesses and those that have started up recently by allowing them to use the platform for a minimal cost to grow their online presence and brand awareness within our community away from social media, this is why we have built in some of the added privacy features and a live chat. We wanted to give something back to the community, after all, if the pandemic has taught us anything it’s that we need to stick together in order for us to prosper as a community and boost our local economy.

OneShop – The Local Retail Online Selling Platform

We have created our platform Oneshop this is an e-commerce website with mobile compatibility whereby each store, be it a business with a physical shop or an online shop can have their own store on the site whilst being amongst others in the same sector, essentially creating a shop in shop feel at a fraction of the cost of getting your own e-commerce website setup. This platform is completely customizable to each businesses preference, so if you are a well- established brand or just starting out our customers should be able to instanly recognize you’re branding. Our aim is to help build brand awareness and to also start to safeguard our community and economy by creating a one-stop-shop for anyone to browse and purchase, from many of the outstanding stores we have online. Potentially you will be able to have people that maybe have not seen your products before or are not sure the type of things you sell, so they can at their own leisure, go on to your store browse through your products and make a purchase. The platform can act as the bridge to shopping outside of the 9-5, customers can browse and purchase items from your store online 24/7 (you can amend hours if you like) this will help to increase revenue into the business and in turn keeping the money on island in our economy. Using our intelligent and convenient admin pages you can manage stocks, prepare for sales, post offers, add all of your pictures and for managers you can even run analysis using our reporting tools that are built-in.