Digital Health

We have designed path breaking concepts revolutionising the way Diabetes and Epilepsy are managed.

Our Medical Solutions

In-house developed Digital Healthcare products


Diacare is technology platform for outpatient diabetic care management, aligned with the vision of transforming care process. It connects Doctors, Nurses, Dietitians, Chiropodists, Optometrists other healthcare professionals and patients on single platform.

Allowing health professionals to create episodes and track previous records on a single screen on a touch of button. Integrated with MDD,Diacare gets patient data, medications, exercise, diet, blood glucose, carb count and lab results with strong graphical representation to get quick insights - All this helps to interpret data efficiently and make better treatment decisions.

My Diabetic Diary

MDD is a fully digital diabetic diary. This user-friendly system comes in the form of a dedicated App and an online Portal.

The software provides a greater insight into blood sugar trends, displaying blood sugar data for specific times Patients can access their letters and results through the application on their smartphone. IT knowledge is not required by the patient.

My Epilepsy Diary

This is a dedicated app that has easily browsable data of Epilepsy Record. The data is instantly updated in real time when doctor updates the hospital records. It stores the general information of the Epilepsy patient like Driving etc. Do’s and Don'ts of Epilepsy, Side Effects of Epilepsy Medications (from BNF) and List of Emergency Contacts.

The program can be tailored to local needs. The Security and Support safeguards for this solution are similar to the other medical solutions we have developed.

Fun and Reward

The “Fun and Reward” app’s primary function is to reduce the anxiety experienced by child patients and/or parent/guardians during their stay in hospital.

The user is encouraged to access the information on the app. This gives the user an insight to what procedures are likely to be performed based on their illness during their stay. The user will see a fun animated video of the procedure, reassuring them of any pain or fear they would naturally associate in hospitals.

The information available:

  • The Healthcare Professional
  • The Hospital Bed
  • Procedures Available
  • Leaflets (Hospital Discretion)
  • Ward Information
  • Ward Tour
  • Games (Agreed by the Hospital)
  • Stars (Collected to unlock the pre-programmed games)
  • Frequently Asked Questions