Med Tech

The post-diagnosis battle to prolong life with a chronic disease is ongoing and ever-changing. We have recognised this by developing solutions that are path-breaking, therefore giving patients more control and giving clinicians more accurate information about their patients’ symptoms. Developed with input from healthcare professionals using intuitive, futuristic programming including artificial intelligence.

All solutions are designed with a common goal:
Help the Patient!
Help The Clinician!
Help the Environment (reduce the use of paper forms)

Some of our Med Tech Solutions mentioned below
Diacare: A powerful technology platform for a broader overview of diabetes aftercare.
My Diabetic Dairy: Fully digital diabetic diary.
My Epilepsy Record: Digital version of the Epilepsy Passport implemented by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH).
FUN and Reward: It’s a fun way to monitor/control/reduce the anxiety experienced by children in hospital.